'Boom, Flash'

'Boom, Flash'



By Chris Deback



Terry Redfearn’s bid of $425,000 for the Signode building in West Union has officially been accepted. 

 Redfearn of Hazel Green, Wis., had attended the live auction on Wednesday, May 24, and placed his winning bid. The owner of the building had a week to reject his offer. He will close on the building on June 26. 

 The new building owner plans to use the 36,000-square-foot former manufacturing facility as a warehouse and retail store where he will store and sell fireworks. Redfearn owns Tri-State Fireworks, LLC in Wisconsin, which sells Class C fireworks. However, because the closing date is so close to the Fourth of July, Redfearn won’t be selling fireworks in time for this year’s holiday, but he plans to have the facility operational for 2018.

 “I have been in the fireworks business for 20 years,” Redfearn said over the phone. “It is one of several businesses that I own.” 

 The Tri-State Fireworks website noted that there could be more Iowa locations to come in the future. It called the West Union location “a mega-warehouse.” 

 The Iowa Legislature recently legalized the sale of fireworks in Iowa. 



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