To ‘Marvel’ during the holidays


A photo of the late Marvel Alber Sauerbrei is displayed among her Christmas collection of more than 300 dolls, villages, angels, Santa Clauses, and other holiday collectibles.



To ‘Marvel’ during the holidays

By Rich Holm
Union News Writer


The late Marvel Alber Sauerbrei loved Christmas more than anything. One of her favorite movies was “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The movie has become an inspiration in so many lives today, much like Marvel was to people who knew her best.

As Marvel Alber, she would start a Christmas collection that would become like no other. Family members stopped counting as her different Santa Clauses swelled to over 114 in number. She had 40 angels in her collection, and her dolls numbered 70.

Then there are her Christmas village pieces, some 75 of them, some lighted, and some not. Many have moving parts as little skaters move around on an ice rink.

Marvel collected Thomas Kincaid pieces that draw the attention of both adults and children. There is one musical piece that has little dancers changing scenes as the stage revolves.

Passersby at the Sauerbrei home at 315 South Pine in West Union know that the Christmas spirit lives in a residence lit up by no fewer than three Christmas trees surrounded by Marvel’s collection. The illumination from the small village windows will lend a glow to the darkness outside the home’s windows.



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