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Coach’s Corner

NF (0-0, 2-0) @ Denver (0-0, 1-2)  

“This is a scary bunch,” noted NFV head coach Bob Lape. “They have very good size, some good athletes with nice speed. They are definitely a team that is a lot better than the scores indicate.”

The Little Cyclones use the read-option offense. They run from a shotgun with receivers spread out.

“Their read-option is more to open their running game,” Lape explained. “They have a very good QB who can throw the ball, but they really want to run first.”

On defense, Denver uses a standard 4-3. Lape said, “I kind of expect them to stunt a bit more against us. It will be a good test, especially on the road.”

Game time is 7:30 p.m. on Friday in Denver.

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