Old Times Inn becomes Turkey River Saloon


CUTLINE: New owner Joni Wisehart (l) with previous owner T.L. White are pictured behind the bar at what used to be known as the Old Times Inn in Clermont. The new establishment, called the Turkey River Saloon, was open for business Aug. 1.



Old Times Inn becomes 
Turkey River Saloon

Brian Smith
Contributing Writer



The Turkey River Saloon officially opened its doors on Aug. 1, when Joni Wisehart became the new owner of what was formerly known as the Old Times Inn in Clermont.

Former owner T.L. White sold the business to Wisehart after 30 years of running the business himself. The establishment had actually been a family business a little longer than that, as White purchased the place from his mother, Melba, in 1983.

“She owned the bar and ran it for about five years before I bought it from her, so it had been in the family for about 35 years,” he recalled.

Now that he no longer has the responsibility of running the bar, T.L. hopes to spend more time hunting and fishing. He used to serve as a guide and outfitter in Colorado, and he might like to go back and spend some time there, as well.

“I will miss seeing the people that I would come into contact with, but I am looking forward to less responsibility and more free time,” said the former Old Times owner.

Wisehart’s family also has experience owning and running a bar business. Her mother, Lavonne, ran Mab’s Tap in Postville for several years, and Joni has experience as a bartender.

“I have learned a lot over the years, and this will be another new learning experience for me. I am fortunate to have my sister, Julie Lerch, helping me as manager,” explained Wisehart.

The new owner hopes to remodel the interior and exterior of the building in the future, noting that there is a need for some new windows as well as some other possible updates or improvements to the building, which is approximately 100 years old.

The Turkey River Saloon will open at 7 a.m. with closing time at 2 a.m. Biscuits and gravy will be a new item, available in the mornings to those who are looking for a hearty breakfast. 

Wisehart plans to continue providing the same type of service as has been offered in the past, and she looks forward to running her business successfully in Clermont for years to come.



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