A life of service for one Lion


A life of service for one Lion

By Amber Hovey

John Hofmeyer has been making an impact in the Fayette community through the Lions Club for 58 years.

In June, Hofmeyer was awarded the Iowa Lions Foundation Warren Coleman Honorary Award for his service in the Lions Club.

The award was named after Warren Coleman, a man dedicated to serving his community as well as the Iowa Lions.

“I am just an average Lion doing average things in support of the Lions Club and the community,” said the organization’s longtime member.

Hofmeyer is the last remaining charter member of the Fayette Lions Club, which began in 1955 with the sponsorship of the West Union Lions Club.

Becoming a member at age 33, the passionate Lion has held every office and has been a part of numerous fundraisers and events.

The retired lawyer recalled selling brooms and light bulbs for a number of years as a way to raise funds.

“The star of the Lions Club is our support for the city recreation program,” said Hofmeyer.

The Lions Club has helped with various recreational activities, as well as raised funds to pay coaches and any staff. 

The club even donated $25,000 to construct the ball diamonds in Fayette. 

From helping The Iowa Safety Patrol check for safe vehicles 30 years ago to helping put on the soup supper on election night, Hofmeyer has gladly contributed much of his time to serving his fellow Lions and community.

“It’s nothing spectacular,” reiterates the modest man in regards to his service. 

The Fayette Lion, originally from Orange City, served in the Naval Reserve for a number of years.

After WWII, Hofmeyer received his bachelor’s degree at Iowa State University and then attended The University of Iowa Law School in 1950.

He and a fellow colleague came to Fayette to start their own law practice. 

According to Hofmeyer, he was simply “blessed by God for longevity,” and his life is about the “service to people.” 


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