Notice to proceed with Center Street Project approved


Notice to proceed with Center Street Project approved

Brian Smith
Contributing Writer


The Elgin City Council approved a Notice to Proceed on the Center Street Project at its meeting on Monday night, July 1. 

The council unanimously approved the motion to approve the Notice to Proceed (NTP), which is contingent upon signatures and a review of the contract documents by all parties involved. The NTP designates Oct. 15 as a date for substantial completion of the project, which generally means that the project has been completed to the point where the structure can be used for its intended purpose. The date for final completion of the project was listed as Nov. 15 in the NTP. Once the contractor has reviewed and signed the NTP, work on the project may begin immediately.

In other business, City Superintendent Tom Martin reported to the council regarding a water leak that was discovered last week along Center Street. The leak was determined to be coming from a water main and has since been repaired. It was noted that a boil order was put into place as a precaution after the leak was confirmed, then lifted on July 1.

Martin explained the reasoning for the boil order, stating, “The chances for  contamination in that situation were very minimal, but the boil order was put into place anyway as a precautionary measure.”

Martin also informed the council of different types of concrete barricades that are available through Croell. The barricades will be used on both ends of the alley near Boleyn Park (north of Diamond Street), as well as at the north end of Almira Street (near the Co-op). Martin provided descriptions and costs of the different types of barricades available. The council then decided to approve the purchase of a smaller and more decorative type of barrier for the Boleyn Park area, while choosing a larger, more standard-type of barrier for the end of Almira Street. The barricades will also have reflective material attached, so that they can be easily seen at night.

In other items of interest, the council discussed employee pay increases for 2014. The council first discussed the protocol for talking about employee pay increases with the employees present, and the possibility of going into closed session. City Clerk Rhonda Dales, City Superintendent Tom Martin, and City employee Justin Dewitt were all present at the meeting. Councilmembers Mike Baker and Sara Strong were complimentary of each of the city employees and noted that community members had also expressed their appreciation of the work being done by current City employees. Dales provided the council with some research information regarding pay scales for City employees in cities of a similar size to Elgin.

After much discussion and a few different proposals, the council approved a motion to increase each city employee’s pay by the following amounts: Dales’ pay increased from $15.40 an hour to $16.25 an hour; Martin’s pay increased from $19.60 an hour to $20.25 an hour; Dewitt’s pay increased from $10.50 an hour to $12.00 an hour.

Finally, the council also approved a liquor license for Moore’s Foods, as well as a request from Skip-A-Way campground for $100 to go toward Fourth of July fireworks. The next scheduled Elgin City Council meeting is set for 7 p.m. Monday, July 15, in the Elgin Public Library meeting room.


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