Timmermans chosen Tractor Days grand marshals



Wayne and Betty Timmerman, active members of the Castalia church and community, will reign as the 2013 Tractor Days grand marshals. Tractor Days will be held June 8 and 9. (Photo by Amber Hovey)



Timmermans chosen Tractor Days grand marshals

If you were to ask the Castalia community about Wayne and Betty Timmerman, many would respond that the couple are Master gardeners or that they are active supporters of the church and community.

But if you were to ask Wayne and Betty, they would tell you that while being chosen grand marshals is an honor, “I don’t know if we deserve it, but we have always been in the community,” said Betty.

“This community is our home, you might say,” said Wayne somewhat sentimentally. 

“I have no idea [why they chose us]; I guess there was no one else left,” he joked.

A native of Castalia, Wayne farmed in the area for almost 50 years before working for the REC in Postville for 18 years.

Betty is from the Castalia – Postville area. She worked for the Postville Co-op for 41 years. 

Gardening is the couple’s passion, as well as what they are known for throughout the community. For Wayne, gladiolus flowers are his favorite. 

Each year, the Timmermans plant flowerpots that line the side of the church in Castalia. 

They also have always had a garden at home. Wayne was grateful for the support of his son and a few people from church that came to their house to till and help plant their garden last year. 

Betty and Wayne have lived in Decorah for the past 15 years, but they still come for coffee every Thursday morning at the fire station and to church every Sunday in Castalia.

“If churches were filled with Betty and Wayne Timmermans, then you would have active and vibrant churches,” said Pastor Dave Lenth.

Betty helps make quilts to send to Lutheran World Relief, and Wayne has served on church council.

“You can ask them anything. They know how to love and support their pastors and community,” said Lenth.

“Betty makes the best pies,” he added with a smile.

The couple come every year to watch the Tractor Days parade.

“They have always supported Tractor Days,” said Chris Bodensteiner, city clerk and board member for the annual event. 

“Betty has donated pies for Tractor Days, and they have always been in the background making sure things get done,” Bodensteiner added.

Wayne chuckled as he recalled the one year he drove a tractor in the Tractor Days parade.

“It was an old, steel-wheeled one; the lugs came off, so a fellow put a band around it. The bolts stuck out just so far, and I went through town, and it just shook the thing.”

While the Timmermans are modest and strangers to the limelight, the community of Castalia is showing its appreciation for the couple by honoring them as grand marshals of Castalia’s 2013 Tractor Days.


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