Mahlstedt wins B-Modified

Dylan Clinton is pictured with race official Arlene Molokkenafter he won the Flyers feature at the Fayette County Speedway on Friday.





Mahlstedt wins B-Modified


Brian Mahlstedt of Ionia continued to lead in the points chase as he captured the B-Modified feature race Friday night at the Fayette County Speedway in West Union.

Mahlstedt edged out runner-up Jeremy Schaufenbuel of New Hampton.

Dylan Clinton of Elkader won the Flyers feature, and Mitch Hovden of Decorah got the checkered flag in the Stock feature.

Scott Spilde of Cresco won the Hobby Stock as he entered the race down in the point standings. Points leader Steve Larson of Decorah was second.

The checkered flag in the Two-Man Cruisers went to Dave Rosburg of Arlington.

Following are the top finishers in each division:

Two-Man Cruisers- 1. Dave Rosburg, 2. Dennis Blsinger; 3. Tim Backes; 4. Joey Kuennen. (Only 4 entered)

 B-Modified- 1. Brian Mahlstedt; 2. Jeremy Schaufenbuel; 3. Josh Roney; 4. Mark Jencks; 5. Chad Dugan.

Flyers- 1. Dylan Clinton; 2. Paul Seabrooke; 3. Mitch Balik; 4. Jerry Ostby; 5. Art Schott.

Stock- 1. Mitch Hovden; 2. Lynn Panos; 3. Dan Trimble; 4. Bryan Webb; 5. Dillon Anderson.

Hobby Stock- 1. Scott Spilde; 2. Steve Larson; 3. Steve Holthaus; 4. Adam Cline; 5. Justin Hanson.


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