Hawkeye gets $300,000 CDBG for water project


Hawkeye gets $300,000 CDBG for water project


Janell Bradley
Contributing Writer


The City of Hawkeye learned Monday that it's the recipient of a $300,000 Community Development Block Grant to help finance a city water project.

Mat Saur, project manager from MSA, said the City will be responsible for matching the funds, up to $300,000. MSA wrote the grant to loop water lines in town where there are presently dead ends. By looping existing lines, water pressure should improve in many areas.

Saur said the permitting process will take place next. He said the City will likely want to apply for a state revolving fund loan at 1.75 percent interest for its portion of financing the project.

The council approved entering into an agreement with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and Bob Macke regarding the purchase of a vacant lot on Pearl Street. On the day of closing, each party will pay the city $2,500. There will be a public hearing on the issue, June 3.

The council held a public hearing at which there was no comment, and then approved a 2 percent increase in water rates, effective July 1. The rate increase is also to benefit the water improvement project.

City maintenance employee John Fels is currently taking a water distribution class at Kirkwood Community College. He told the council he has to be on the job six months before he can test for certification.

The City's insurance representative, Bill Nauholz, advised the council of rate increases for the coming year. He said the property insurance premium will increase by $283 to $2,473 and liability increases $332 to $1,383, due in part to adding five EMTs to the quote.

In addition, workmen's comp increases to $4911, and the umbrella policy goes up $10 to $932. Overall, the City's insurance premium increases $1,532, or 10 percent. Nauholz said he had predicted a 9 percent increase. He advised there could also be a workmen's comp increase at midyear.

Councilman Tony Sebring asked how the City might reduce its overall insurance costs, but Nauholz said it was unlikely. Sebring questioned when the last time had been that the auto insurance was used. Nauholz said was two years ago when the city maintenance employee hit a car with the snowplow. The city's fire trucks are also included under that part of the premium, so the coverage is needed.

Fels said that as of January 2014, meters containing lead can't be installed in the city. As there are 23 new meters in the city shop that haven't been installed, he suggested investigating whether there is anywhere to install the meters, or suggested the meters could be sold for scrap material.

Burger Street resident Vicki Eick asked the council to address the drainage problem in front of her home. Fels advised that the work needed to make repairs would require a small backhoe to get the water to flow away, as so much soil has silted in at the area.

Although it was advised that culverts are the responsibility of property owners, the council asked the city clerk to get a bid on the work.

In response to a problem of heavy rains infiltrating the wastewater treatment plant, Mike Boleyn was present. Boleyn has been doing the City's wastewater readings until Fels is certified.

He indicated that because the City has a maintenance agreement with Municipal Pipe, the City should televise the areas along Main Street where Boleyn and Fels discovered there to be a large of amount of water draining away.

Boleyn suggested they televise the line to determine if there's a deteriorated manhole or other problem.

In response to complaints about potholes around town, Councilman Tony Sebring said it would be more responsible for the City to have a plan to fix all such areas around town. 

The council agreed to have City Clerk Dorty Yauslin get a bid from Kluesners for street repairs in front of fire station, Gas-n-Goods and Wilbur Street, hoping the work can be done by Hawkeye Fun Days.

The council agreed to have Fayette County Economic Development Director Bill Ziegler attend a future meeting to aid the City in long-term planning.

In discussing some of the streets in disrepair, Mayor Brent Ungerer said he believes the city's heaviest traffic flow/truck route should be kept to Burrell and Wilbur streets. He said he saw an anhydrous tank and applicator go down Burger street, but questioned what would happen if that came unhooked and there was an accident near the school.

In other business, the council approved a bid for $715 to roll and prep Peter and Peoria streets before dust control is applied.

A building permit for John Williams to construct a deck was approved.

Evelyn Schultz donated a new flag that flies outside City Hall.

Councilmember Mark Creery was absent. The next meeting of the council is Monday, June 3.


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