NF approves termination, resignations, and hirings


NF approves termination,  resignations, and hirings 

By Mike Van Sickle
Union editor



Terminations, resignations, and staff hires were all on the contractual docket of the North Fayette Board of Directors on Monday.

To open the special meeting, the school board approved the contract termination of middle school guidance counselor Brian Smith on Monday.

Superintendent Duane Willhite explained that the recommendation for termination was presented because of declining enrollment, budgetary restrictions, and the reduction in staff due to the whole-grade sharing agreement with Valley.

Willhite said Smith had been notified and had not requested a hearing before the board. The guidance counselor’s contract will end following the 2012-2013 contract year.

Later, the school board accepted the resignation of high school government teacher Jim Hanson, effective at the end of his current school year contract. 

Hanson will remain on administrative leave as recommended by the school district’s attorney. Upon additional advisement of the attorney, Willhite earlier stated that he could not make further comment due to it being a personnel issue.

The school board also accepted the resignation of yearbook advisor Ken Balk. He will maintain his duties as art teacher.

Administrative contracts were approved for the superintendent, high school principal Todd Wolverton and elementary principal Kathy Bauer. 

Willhite was awarded a $135,000 salary. Under the recently approved superintendent-sharing agreement with Valley, North Fayette will be responsible for $81,000 of the figure and Valley, the remaining funds. Willhite will also receive a $1,200 travel allowance.

Wolverton received a $1,800 raise, bringing his annual salary to $99,500, while Bauer received a $3,500 increase ($89,200).

Meanwhile, contracts were extended to Alicia Martin, full-time high school special education with ESL (English as a Second Language); Megan Boyer, .5 FTE high school science; Dawn Halverson, junior kindergarten; 

Meredith Murray, first grade; Ashley Dyke, fourth grade; Stephanie Dunwoody, .5 FTE Spanish and .25 FTE TAG; Robin Bostrom, Danceline; Stephanie Wagner and Tiffany Kuhens, football cheerleading.  

A 3.75 percent across-the-board increase was approved for noncertified staff. 

The contract includes bus drivers receiving an additional $23 for the Elgin activity route; if driving to Elgin and Fayette or Hawkeye, the pay would total $30. Shuttle pay would increase to $9.65 one way or $19.30 both ways.

In addition, board secretary Sue Thoms received an additional $1,000 raise, due to Willhite’s duties being shared with Valley. Director of Transportation Kevin Weidemann was provided a $600 annual travel allowance, and assistant technology coordinator Shawn Peterson will receive a $1,000 bonus once he is Apple-certified. 

Whole-grade memorandum

Prior to the close of Monday’s special meeting, the local board of directors approved a memorandum of understanding between the staffs of the North Fayette and Valley school districts.

Willhite explained that the memorandum was developed in both of the neighboring school districts to lay out the conditions for any shared and/or “swapped” teachers across school boundaries during the three-year whole-grade sharing agreement.

The approved memorandum includes the following:

Shared teachers

• Teachers serving in both districts will retain their contract with the district of original employment. These teachers retain seniority rights and will be evaluated by the original employing school district.

• Teachers working in both districts will work under the faculty handbook of the original employer. Principals or supervisors of these individuals will refer to the original employing district’s handbook or negotiated agreement when making work-related decisions.

• The agreement includes the original employing school district being reimbursed by the other district for salary and benefits on a prorated (FTE) basis. Changes in any of these teachers’ schedules must be approved by the original employing school district.

Exchanged or

“swapped” teachers

• “Swapped” teachers are those who are working fulltime in either school district that does not hold a teachers original, employing contract. These hours are equally exchanged, between the districts and there is no expectation of billable salary and benefits for these personnel.

• “Swapped” teachers will work under the negotiated agreement of the school district of original employment. Contract and handbook issues will be treated the same as those teachers being shared between both districts. Seniority and evaluation will be retained with the original school district.

The memorandum was previously approved by Valley’s Board of Education and Valley Community Education Association.




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