Walking School Bus comes to West Union


Walking School Bus comes to West Union


Looking for a way to give back to your community? Act as a positive role model and help walk students to school!

The North Fayette Community School District, Palmer Community Health and the Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative are teaming up to bring Walking School Buses to West Union this spring and are looking for volunteers to help. A Walking School Bus is a group of students walking to and from school with responsible supervisors. It is just like riding the bus…minus the bus!

Physical activity is essential for healthy growth and development, and walking to and from school is a simple way to get children active. Physical activity also helps improve academic performance and classroom behavior. 

Joann Boyer, director of Palmer Community Health, commented on how daily physical activity will lead to health benefits down the road for these students. “Active individuals have stronger immune systems, fewer medical bills and an overall higher quality of life. By helping our young ones form these healthy habits today, we are empowering them to take control of their own health for years to come.”

Walking School Buses are popping up all over the region, shares Ashley Christensen, Safe Routes to School liaison for the Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness Initiative. 

“The Northeast Iowa Region has some phenomenal parents, school staff and community members who are truly starting a revolution on how students travel to and from school, all for the same reason: for the health and overall well-being of our children, our future leaders,” said Christensen.

The North Fayette Community School District cannot wait to join the Walking School Bus revolution. 

Stephanie Wagner, school nurse for North Fayette Community School District, is excited for what the spring holds, “The health of our students is a top priority to the school. Encouraging more students to walk to school is a simple and effective way to increase their daily physical activity levels while also increasing their sense of responsibility, independence and community awareness.”

The community plays a big role in the success of Walking School Buses since volunteers are needed for the Walking School Buses to operate. From parents to grandparents to retirees to college students and beyond, community members are essential.  

“We are searching for those Walking School Bus champions in West Union. We know they are out there, but they are probably already walking so fast we just haven’t caught up with them quite yet,” said Christensen with a smile. 

To volunteer with the West Union Walking School Bus or to get more information, please contact Christensen at 563-382-6171 or achristensen@uerpc.org

Christensen works closely with schools and communities to enable and encourage students to safely walk and bicycle to and from school.  


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