Rapper calls Hawkeye home


Rapper calls Hawkeye home


Kim Bright

Contributing Writer


Chris Waters, aka Nathan Summers, moved to Hawkeye in March 2012.  Originally from Philadelphia, or “Philly,” as he puts it, he got his rap name, Nathan Summers, from an XMEN character.  A shy smile crosses his lips as he explains how he thought he could do a lot with the name.

Waters’ interest in music began when he was very young.  At 13 years old, he began to rap.  In earlier days, rap was a very controversial type of music, but in years gone by, it has become very popular. 

Waters was inspired by the notorious B.I.G. and other early rappers. He, like many musicians, began to express himself through his music. Seeing the environment around him while growing up in Philly definitely inspired him.

Waters decided that in March 2012 he needed a change so he moved to Hawkeye to be with his girlfriend, Jennifer Engler. 

He says his move was to be closer to Jennifer, but also to get away from things and people that brought him down.  Waters had met Jennifer while in Philadelphia.  

Jennifer was living in Noristown and Waters worked at a convenience store nearby. Whenever Jennifer would come into the convenience store, they would talk and joke with each other until they finally exchanged numbers. 

He says he didn’t call until three days later because he didn’t want to seem too eager. What started out as a friendship grew when Waters moved to Hawkeye.


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